Hi, I’m Marc!

I’m still writing this page. You might know me from one of my startups.

My current focus


  • Onboarding more members
  • Explore different revenue models
  • Help members connect with eachother


Startup Jobs

  • Improve SEO
  • Learn more about the recruiting process
  • Add more employers


Below you’ll find the most effective way of reaching out.


If you’re a maker and would like my advice on something, the best way is to send me a public tweet or join WIP. I’m always to help other makers, but prefer when it’s in a way where others benefit too (e.g. not through private email or DM’s).

Product Support

For any support questions regarding one of my products, please reach out through the appropriate support channels.

Anything else

I don’t do calls. If you have any business opportunities that don’t tie in directly to my goals explained in the “focus” section I’m probably not interested right now.

If you genuinely believe it’s something relevant, email me.